McDonalds Creates Fake Documentary to Distract You from Real Menu

By Kiran Aditham 

While we’re stuck with the usual ‘I’m loving it’ jingle and snack wrap ogling Stateside, the Nordic region gets this much more interesting campaign from McDonald’s which was developed by Stockholm digital agency Perfect Fools. Called Dreaming in Mono, the timely effort consists of a 60-minute faux-documentary (broken down into seven episodes) that tells the tale of Alain Duchamp, a downhill “monoskier” who seeks to avenge his bitter loss to rival Hansi von Spitzmark 36 years back by assembling winter sports enthusiasts and breaking the “dream record” or something like that.

According to the release, “The focus of the campaign is on McDonald’s guests and their stories and dreams, rather than on the brand or its products and the movie taps into the Nordic countries’ enthusiasm for winter sports.”


While he’s no Christopher Guest, Jens Jonsson, the film’s writer-director, says in a statement that normal marketing wouldn’t do with this effort. “I’m not a fan of traditional advertising. That’s why I took this chance to make something different with this project. I believe that showing real and complex emotions is a powerful way to involve people with a brand, by giving and not taking.”

We’re not quite sure though if the “power” of the campaign and ongoing narrative is enough to draw more customers. But hey, it’s the Nordic region, maybe the cold has them thinking differently. The teaser above is from the campaign’s online hub, where you can view the episodes as they unfold, watch more trailers, get monoski tech tips and download stuff like an iPhone app, etc.

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