McCann SF & MRM SF Losing Microsoft Biz

By Matt Van Hoven 

We told you yesterday that we heard Crispin might be pitching the Microsoft Office work that’s currently in the (in?)capable hands of McCann SF.

A few rounds of scotch and sodas later, we heard that Microsuck has cut spending in the McCann SF office, which as you can imagine is a big friggin’ deal. While our spy remarked that, “It’s just another piece that Matt Ross and his cronies can’t hold on to,” we digress that it may have more to do with whatever the hell Crispin has been up to than Ross’s efforts (or lack thereof).

Hey, hey hey now spy. Be nice to Mr. Ross. Just, just be nice.

On the MRM side of the Microsycophant (hiccup, Microsoft) coin, a spy informs us that a “very senior level executive…recently left due to Microsoft giving more business to Crispin.” From the horse’s friend’s mouth, people.

Said exec. hypothesized massive layoffs in the SF offices, but we won’t know about that until the lockers get their pink slips. Anyone with details on this story can email us at agencyspy at, IM/Twitter AgencySpy or by calling us at our fake hotline, 1-800-Adversuck.

This executives believes significant lay-offs at MRM and Universal McCann are inevitable.