McCann Responds to Mad Men Dis

By Kiran Aditham 

Talk about a meta-spat. We wonder if McCann will be placing any more ads in Adweek and such that sing the praises of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce after the latest episode of Mad Men. In it, Ken Cosgrove and Pete Campbell are having their usual industry banter when the former says this referring to the fictional agency’s parent company:

“It’s the worst agency I’ve ever seen. The worst. My mother was a nurse at the state hospital [ … ] and that was the last time I saw so many retarded people in one building.”

Maybe creator Matthew Weiner harbors some sort of resentment, but following this, the folks at New York decided to check in with the real McCann Erickson and get their reaction after getting totally slighted.

Here are a few choice comments from agency ECD, George Dewey:

– “The Mad Men premiere garnered 2.9 million viewers while the Jersey Shore premiere garnered 5.2 million viewers. Clearly, the ‘retards’ are the winning team.”

– “It is not appropriate to make fun of people with disabilities. You know, like TV writers.”

– “We watch Mad Men for the commercials. We skip through the actual show.”

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