McCann, New York Lotto Think ‘You’d Make A Way Better Rich Person’

By Erik Oster 

McCann New York launched a new campaign for the new York Lotto with the tagline, “You’d Make A Way Better Rich Person.”

Amidst increased awareness of the epidemic of ever-widening income inequality in the U.S. and an economic system designed to exploit the poor, McCann’s campaign features a series of broadcast ads poking fun at the ultra-wealthy. The premise is that extraordinarily wealthy individuals in the city, who often come from families who have retained that wealth for generations, are out of touch with the rest of the world and even, in many cases, reality. You, the everyday New Yorker, then, would find far better ways to use your newfound wealth should you win the New York Lotto jackpot. Among the eccentric economic elite profiled in the 30-second spots are a man who spends $28,000 a week on “pinot therapy,” who yells at his butler for getting a speck of cork in his wine bath. There’s also a “Bat Collector,” “Pet Whisperer,” and a man who ruins priceless art with gold staples, thinking, “It’s probably worth more now.” In addition to the broadcast ads, the campaign also includes radio, OOH and online elements, including a digital field guide, created in collaboration with B-Reel, to “rich people of New York you would be better than if you were rich.”

The irony of the approach is that the lottery largely serves as a means to exploit the poor. So here a major advertising agency is using lower class resentment of the tremendously wealthy as a means of promoting a game designed to exploit the “get rich quick” dreams of the working class. Such moral objections aside, the approach is a clever one and makes for some of the more entertaining ads you’ll see in the category while tapping in to why people throw their money away on such games (which sort of just makes it more insidious).

McCann’s cartoonish caricatures of the rich aren’t the only ones running on broadcast. Deutsch L.A.’s “Too Rich to Care” campaign, which launched in the spring, portrays a series of people as so “stupid rich” that they don’t care about saving money on their cell phone bill.


“Sometimes when you see what the very rich are doing, there’s a lot of fun in imagining how you might do a better job at it,” McCann New York chief creative officer Tom Murphy explained to The New York Times. “You look at the guy who has the massive house on this beach and you say, ‘If I was rich, I’d have a smaller house on that beach. But I’d also have one in the south of France. Plus, a pied-à-terre in Manhattan.'”

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