McCann Mexico, Leonardo DiCaprio Bring 100+ Women to Tears

By Kiran Aditham 

lorealmccannNearly twenty years after its release, Titanic still has the ability to induce some “room is dusty,” “cutting onions” emotions–as proven in a new, not-at-all-sexist campaign from McCann Mexico for cosmetics giant L’Oreal.

The agency gathered 100 women in a movie theater, made them up in L’Oreal waterproof mascara beforehand, and then had them sit through the 195-minute saga starring Kate Winslet and pre-dadbod Leonardo DiCaprio.

The results:


As expected, tears flowed–162 people, according to the video above, shed them.

Despite all that weeping, the ladies’ makeup remained intact as seen in the before and after photos during “The Waterproof Experience.” Now let’s see them make it through a double feature: Sophie’s Choice and Terms of Endearment.

Agency: McCann México
Creative vp: Javi Carro
Creative account group director: Joanna López
Associated creative diretor: Roberto Martínez
Senior Copy Writer: Adria Jáuregui
Art diretor: Myriam Barrios
Account dircetor: Audrey Amselli
Production house: Unidad 59
Film director: David “Leche” Ruiz
Production director: Juan González
Production: Rafael López
Client approval: Delphine Aphecetche