McCann London Tells the ‘Truth’ About Working in Advertising

By Bob Marshall 

To the layperson, lying is an integral part of advertising. So, when an agency boldly declares that it’s telling the “truth” about the industry as McCann London does in the above video for the McCademy, it’s natural to approach it with some skepticism, even when that agency says, “We’re launching our campaign with a Truth Well Told manifesto, laying our cards on the table and most importantly starting an honest conversation with our potential talent.”

To summarize, here are some “truths” for the young person looking to get into advertising according to the staff of McCann London:

  • Advertising won’t make you rich until you’re at a senior level.
  • Advertising isn’t most people’s go-to career choice. In England, for example, farming is apparently preferable.
  • Hot people work in advertising.
  • If you end up at the right agency, you will eat for free.
  • Having an original “party trick” in your repertoire is necessary for making friends.
  • Your parents will not understand that your new job in advertising requires minor alcoholism.
  • Tweetin’ ain’t easy.

Any other questions? You can contact McCann on their Skype “Truth Line.” For those industry veterans out there, do you notice any glaring omissions?