McCann Lima, LAN Make ‘Mariela’s Dream’ Come True

By Erik Oster 

McCann Lima recently launched a broadcast spot for LAN entitled “Mariela’s Dream,” which promotes “Kids that dream, kids that fly,” the airline’s five-year old social responsibility campaign whose stated goal is to “make the world a bigger place for children that live in remote places in Peru” by offering a complimentary trip to the country’s capital, Lima.

“Mariella’s Dream” follows the story of Mariella, a girl from Cusibamba, Cusco, whose dream is to sing among the clouds. McCann Lima documents LAN making that dream a reality, from Mariella’s entire village coming to see her off, to the captain telling her that they’ve reached the proper altitude for her to start singing. It’s an undeniably heartwarming effort that functions as a good way to promote the “Kids that dream, kids that fly” program to the public.

“We were looking to introduce this program to the general audience, through a positive and motivational message,” said McCann Lima chief creative officer Mauricio Fernandez Maldonado. “Because, while sometimes it seems that a dream can never come true, if you believe in it, and won’t let it go, you will always find a couple of wings that can help you reach your dreams; and, to do so, what better wings than LAN’s?”