McCann Knows What You Can Do With All That Unwanted Parenting Advice

By Patrick Coffee 

When Eric Silver closed his own agency and moved to McCann to serve as North American CCO in February, he brought with him at least one thing beyond AgencySpy comments: the Tommee Tippee account.

Now McCann New York has made a new ad for that client, which happens to be the “fastest-growing baby bottle brand in North America.” It’s all based on a funny concept: turning all that worthless “advice” from parents and would-be parents alike into something useful.

You’ve probably never heard of T.T. because 1) you don’t have a baby and 2) it’s a British company. But this campaign, which features a few more videos and falls under the #ParentOn hashtag, aims to heighten awareness of the brand within the U.S.


The work will be almost exclusively distributed on social, and the campaign microsite includes other videos and meme-worthy all-caps sentiments like this one, which our childless friends would definitely retweet:

tommeeeIt also includes answers to a few of the millions of questions one asks before having a kid. For example, do babies dream in color? And do they have kneecaps? (No and yes.)

The company’s message to soon-to-be-parents: chill the hell out. You got this.

That sentiment is completely accurate, but it certainly won’t put a dent in the multi-billion dollar industry that serves over-educated adults who will do anything to soothe their deep anxieties about being terrible parents.

This video is a thesis statement of sorts:

There’s no secret formula, because no one really knows how to be a “good” mom or dad. Or so we hear.


Agency: McCann New York

Chief Creative Officer North America: Eric Silver
Global Creative Director: John Mescall
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