McCann Copywriter Catalogs ‘New York Numbers’

By Erik Oster 

NY Numbers

McCann copywriter Nick DiLallo started an Instagram documenting the numbers of New York and the variety of typefaces and colors found in the city, called, appropriately enough, newyorknumbers.

Lovers of New York, photography and font nerds alike can rejoice in DiLallo’s well-photographed project. The numbers range from fancy typeface on midtown buildings, to subway stops, to graffiti digits sprayed on walls. It’s an interesting look at how locations can be captured in typeface, and the sheer variety of numbers in New York, and the city itself. We’ve included a few of our favorite numbers after the jump, but head on over to newyorknumbers for the full experience.


NY Numbers 23

NY Numbers 34








NY Numbers 315 NY Numbers 354