Maya Rudolph and 72andSunny New York Explore What’s Actually in Your Household Cleaners

By Erik Oster 

72andSunny New York launched its first work for Seventh Generation since being tasked with handling strategy and brand development last November with a campaign starring Maya Rudolph.

72andSunny had previously made a spot for Bobble, the reusable water bottle brand Seventh Generation acquired in 2013Entitled “Live for Once,” that spot invented a fictional water bottle company called Once as a way of  criticizing the wastefulness of bottled water.

The three new spots in this campaign take a somewhat similar approach, with Rudolph pointing out the absurdity of many typical household cleaning products. In “Weird Dyes” she points out the oddly-named dyes in cleaners, with colors like “laserbeam blue” and “spray-tan orange” before presenting Seventh Generation as the (obvious) alternative. 

The 15-second “Common Scents” takes a similarly critical look at fragrances, while “Not Blue Goo” explains how typical “blue goo” laundry detergent only makes close appear brighter. While the humor doesn’t always find its mark, and the sales pitch occasionally feels forced, Rudolph is a fitting spokeswoman for the brand. After all, she’s a real-life mother of four–in “Not Blue Goo” she claims, “I do my own laundry sometimes”–and she allegedly uses Seventh Generation in the home she shares with acclaimed director Paul Thomas Anderson

You know what was just as confusing and ill-advised as the names of these simulated ingredients? Inherent Vice the movie. It really was a big long mess, and we love PTA.

Client: Seventh Generation, Inc
General Manager & Chief Marketing Officer: Joey Bergstein
Senior Brand Manager: Julian Blazewicz

Agency: 72andSunny New York
Managing Director: James Townsend
Executive Creative Director: Guillermo Vega
Director of Production: Lora Schulson
Director of Strategy: Tim Jones
Creative Director/Designer: Wei Wei Dong
Creative Director/Writer: Matthew Carey
Designer: Rob McQueen
Writer: Matt Vitou
Executive Producer: Kerli Teo
Sr. Producer: Ryan Chong
Strategy Director: Marshall Ball
Sr. Strategist: Jennifer Lewis
Strategist: Carol Chan
Group Brand Director: Marianne Pizzi
Co-Brand Directors: Brittni Hutchins & Lauren Smith
Brand Manager: Jonathan Weiss
Interactive Producer: Vishal Dheiman
Jr. Art Producer: Brigitte Bishop
Business Affairs Director: Julie Balster
Business Affairs Manager: Marissa Burnett
Jr. Business Affairs Manager: Laura Fraser

Production Company: Pretty Bird
Director: Matt Piedmont
Executive Producer / Vice President: Ali Brown
Producer: Bernard Rahill

Editorial: Final Cut
Editor: Patrick Colman
Assistant Editor: Andre Castiglioni
Executive Producer: Sarah Roebuck
Head of Production: Jen Sienkwicz
Producer: Penny Ensley

VFX Production Company: Method NY / Company 3
Executive Producer: Angela Lupo
Sr VFX Producer: Heather Saunders
Lead Flame: Tom McCullough

Colorist: Tom Poole

Sound Design & Mixing
Nylon Studios NY
Sound Engineer: Rob Ballingall
Sr Producer: Halle Petro