Mass Appeal Launches ‘Charged By Belief’ for Under Armour

By Erik Oster 

Mass Appeal recently launched a series of online ads for Under Armour, entitled “Charged By Belief” (also the name of a spot in Tight Shirt Production’s recent “Book of Will” effort for the brand).

Inspired by Golden State Warriors point guard (and Under Armour brand spokesperson) Stephen Curry, the series chronicles stories from the Bay Area of  “individuals and artists whose own drive and ambition has transformed their city.” Its initial effort follows the story of graphic designer Benny Gold. Gold began his career working for a series of design firms before deciding he was tired of working for other people and launching what eventually became a signature clothing brand with an international fanbase. Mass Appeal worked with production company Decon and director Marcus A. Clarke on the series, which will see its second release this Friday and run for around six weeks. The initial effort, meanwhile, may run a little long (clocking in at almost four minutes) to appeal to anyone but diehard fans of Benny Gold and could have benefited from better establishing its connection to Curry and the Under Armour brand.



Agency: Mass Appeal
CEO: Peter Bittenbender
CD: Alma Geddy-Romero
Account Director: Jon Colclough

Production Company: Decon
Director: Marcus A. Clarke
Executive Producer: Misha Louy
Line Producer: Ron Marrazzo
Director of Photography: Ricardo Sarmiento
Production Manager: Molly Salz

Editorial Company: Mass Appeal/Decon
Editor: Ryosuke Tanzawa/Nick Briggs
Producer: M. Shane Dolly

Colorist: Alex Berman


Mix Company: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Justin Kooy

Composers: Lyrics Born/HBK