Marty Tells You How It Is And How’s It Gonna Be

By SuperSpy 

Martin Sorrell predicted that 2008 would be a bumper year with all that election, Olympics money floating around. Now, he’s admitted that his crystal ball has failed him:

“The financial crisis had an impact on the real world… sooner than we thought. It is not nice to see 10 years’ work wiped out.”


Yeah. For sure, dude. Marty went on to tell the WSJ that there would be no “Beijing Bounce” and in the video above, he gets even more frank with his predictions for 2009 citing the lack of global advertising events and that no one should look for a relief until 2010.

Love his honest talk about the advertising industry’s chances in this economy. It’s better than Sarah Fay doing her “relatively sunny” spiel at the Future of Business Conference. Spare us ok? We’re in the trenches. Ain’t no point tinting up this very gray picture with hints of rose.

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