Martin Agency Lands Nerf Account, According to Social Posts

By Kyle O'Brien 

The Martin Agency’s social posts today featured a not so subtle hint that the IPG agency has landed Hasbro’s Nerf account. While no official statement has been made, the posts make it pretty obvious what has transpired.


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The Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn posts from the agency all feature the copy “Now the world is our playground. Nerf x Martin #GameOn!” along with a quick-cut video of Martin Agency folks playing with Nerf balls, dart blasters and other toys. It also references a March article in Forbes that lays out future plans for the Hasbro brand as one moving from manufacturer to multimedia powerhouse, and using the Nerf brand as a gauge to test its new business model. The article does not mention the Martin Agency.

Nerf has already taken steps to venture beyond just being a toy company when it announced earlier this year that it was looking to hire a chief TikTok officer, a “trend-obsessed and highly creative Nerf fan” to serve a three-month stint, at $10,000 per month, along with plenty of perks. It then hired said person, Sophie Jamison, whose TikTok handle is @Nerfers101, after she beat out over 1,000 other applicants for the position.

The Martin Agency’s social posts end with its logo and Nerf’s logo on the same black background. Nothing else about the deal has been disclosed.