Marriage Has Been Removed by User: Wing’s YouTube Divorce Ads

By Erik Oster 

Just in case you were too happy about the impending weekend, we’ve got some advertisements for a divorce lawyer for you.

The Law Offices of Esteban Gergely tapped Grey’s Hispanic advertising agency Wing (not to be confused with Wing) for a series of YouTube ads. Wing’s three YouTube spots use thumbnails to allude to celebrity content: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s honeymoon, Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s wedding, and Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s anniversary. When viewers click on these videos of divorced couples however, they are met with a “This video has been removed by user” message, followed by “Divorce happens.” and information for the Law offices of Esteban Gergely. The campaign is designed to “to shock and awe as users are initially searching and expecting to see intimate videos of these now-divorced celebrity couples.” Wing based the campaign on the insights that “the removal of a video from YouTube tells a story on its own” since in the social media age when someone gets divorced they “remove evidence of their former happy lives.” It’s quite a departure from the “Better call Saul” style local ads we’re used to seeing from divorce lawyers. In fact, it’s sort of sneaky. Kind of like divorce lawyers. Credits after the jump.







Favio Ucedo, Chief Creative Officer, Wing

Facundo Paglia, Senior Copywriter, Wing



Marc Duran, Copywriter, Wing

Facundo Paglia, Senior Copywriter, Wing


Art Direction:

Marc Duran, Copywriter, Wing

Brian Novoa, Art Director, Wing



Keyla Hernandez, Producer, Wing



Alejandro Ussa, Editor, Wing



Daniel Gergely, Director of Business Development, Wing

Andrés Tello, AAE of Business Development, Wing