Manicuring the Wood with Brian Callen

By Matt Van Hoven 

A new online campaign called “The Bodygroom Manologues” (Tribal DDB, NY) helps make the art of man-i-curing…funnier than it already is. Ladies’ campaigns on this subject always try to make the process of de-hair-ifiying seem luxurious, as if the hair never existed. Note to advertisers: hair removal is not sexy, exotic, fantastique, or anything like that. It’s gross, and therefore open to humor.

The Manologues take that cue and run with it; but with the Brian Callen (of MadTV fame) twist. Callen plays an interpreter of sorts, reenacting letters sent in by men extolling their woes about their perma-sweaters, tropical forest-like nether-regions and worse.


Overall it’s College Humor meets Eddy Izzard without the lame inside jokes. For guys, it might help dispel that awkward feeling we get at the thought of actually spending time removing hair. We spent so much time growing it!

“Hey, that MadTV guy is funny &#151 maybe I’ll try it!”

OK, so who knows if the campaign will really work. The first trick is getting people to the site. An embedded video player might have worked better, since the only way to get viral points is by spreading the content around the web. What’s the deal? TV spots to come? Print?

Well done, Tribal DDB NY. Philips must be so proud! If only MadTV could have written sketches like this, it might now have sucked. No, no that’s not possible. Check out the Manologues Web site at shaveeverywhere dot com slash manalogues.

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