Making The Jump: Art Director Straight To Feature Films

By SuperSpy 

Brett A. Hart, a creative director of Skyline (Oklahoma City advertising agency), has made that oh-so desired leap to making feature films. Hart completed his indie film, Bone Dry, while working full-time at Skyline. Check out the teaser above. The film cost less than $2 million and stars Stephen Dorff and Billy Zane. Hart finished editing just in time for the Cannes Film Festival, and so the next step was to find a distributor, which he did in Allumination FilmWorks [source].

Inspiring, no? We are all aware of the many CDs and ADs who are dying inside to make the leap onto the other side of creativity. I’ve queried some folks around town looking for other examples. Nada. Though everyone thinks they heard about someone – did they work at Grey? No, no Mullen.


Can you think of anyone? Here’s the deal – commercial directors who have gone into features do NOT count. They must have been a proper art director. There must be others!