Madonna Launches Her New Single Via A Commercial

By SuperSpy 

Do you remember when Madonna was the shit? She was such a rock star that she even got away with making the film, “Who’s That Girl?” We even dug her comeback as a disco dancing queen and her recent attempt to be a director. Madge is back. This time, she’s using advertising to drive sales for her latest album.

Her new album is titled “HARD CANDY” and its associated first single “4 Minutes” will debut through a new Sunsilk commercial. The spot will trace Madonna’s ever-evolving look throughout the years as a means to inspire girls to play around with their current styles. This whole part of the brand’s “Life Can’t Wait” campaign created by DeGrippes Gobe in Paris. The original Super Bowl ad is above and features Marilyn Monroe and Shakira, too.


David Rubin, director of U.S. Hair Care Operations, Unilever said:

“Madonna continues to be such an inspiration for young girls by continuously reinventing her looks, and we expect the new commercial will also encourage girls to evolve by changing their looks and making their hair and lives happen in a variety of exciting ways.”

That’s the message David? Girls should evolve their hair looks? That’s going to make them happy? You are going to use Madonna to encourage girls to fuck with their hair? Ugh!!!! When you’re fifteen, playing around with your hair is often limited to in a pony tail or not. Young girls aren’t screwing with their hair that much because they are under the watchful eye of mom who holds the purse strings and the authority. The girls that are really messing with their hair are dying it purple to mark themselves and their individuality. Sunsilk ain’t on the top of these ladies priority list. Try Manic Panic.

Meanwhile, Madonna? You’re pitching to young girls and you’re using Madonna? Rhianna or someone more age appropriate was busy, hunh? Why didn’t you stick with Shakira, whose star is fading just a tad, but is still a better choice. This whole campaign is way more appropriate for a woman that is a little older who like, actually remembers when Madonna had short hair and has the spending power and desire (work, dating, etc.) to mess with their hair quite a bit.

You know what – WHATEVER. Madonna’s going to debut her single. It will lead to a some illegal downloading and that’ll be that. This is just another example of how boring and out of touch advertising to women (of any age) can really be.