Made Movement and Lyft Finally Shaved That Damn Mustache

By Patrick Coffee 

Remember when Lyft had that “wild card” AOR pitch that pissed people off so much?

The ride share app has moved on and grown comfortable with its agency partner Made Movement, which launched its first-ever national broadcast effort back in April with “Riding Is the New Driving,” created in partnership with Lyft’s in-house creative department.

This week Lyft launched its second such effort by the same agency. And it has finally ditched the damn mustache in favor of “Amp,” which is pretty much a speaker that your driver can use to communicate with you and do away with all that awkwardness.


Here’s the intro video, which doesn’t explain too much.

Made Movement’s related campaign, which went live today, sort of explains how that might work “while giving a playful wink to the ride-share industry’s competitive landscape.”

So we guess these suits are supposed to be Uber.

There are more spots in that vein, each one focusing on a different way in which Lyft is presumably better than its competitor(s).

Tips is another one; most people don’t do it.

On that note, one Uber driver thinks the company should just add a tip button to the app. Maybe that will negate the fact that customers don’t realize their rates are only going to go up. We will definitely make a point of tipping next time.

So the purpose of the campaign is to both introduce Amp and remind everyone that Lyft prides itself on being the friendlier of the two ride share app companies.

We still don’t really understand how Amp works, though.