M2Film Unveils ‘Epic Bus’ Sequel for Midttrafik

By Erik Oster 

In Denmark, taking the bus makes you a superstar — at least according to M2Film’s “Epic Bus: The Sequel” for Midttrafik buses.

The spot is a follow-up to a similar 2012 ad (featured below), offering more tongue-in-cheek humor knowingly going over-the-top in pimping Midtrafik rides. This time around, the focus is shifted to the passenger, who is given the full-on star treatment. The ad celebrates his “New York hairstyle,” “outlet sneakers,” windbreaker and Paraguayan beauty queen girlfriend. He makes riding the bus look so good a businessman sets fire to his luxury vehicle. The ridiculous tone and goofy humor give the spot a distinct charm and makes the ad memorable, no small feet for a busline.



Client: Midttrafik
Spot: “Epic Bus: The Sequel”
Agency: M2Film

Creative Team: Falkenberg&Falkenberg, Jan P., Ronni Madsen

Production Company: M2Film
Director: Peter Harton
Producers: Jan P. & Ronni Madsen