Luke Sullivan is Excited About Goodyear Because of His Mom

By Matt Van Hoven 

Luke Sullivan
is Lord of the Creatives at Austin’s IdeaCity, GSD&M, the agency now calling Goodyear their own. Congrats to the shop, and Digitas who took home interactive &#151 both agencies let us know earlier today. Anyway, here’s what Sullivan had to say (in part):

“So today our agency was awarded the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company account. Yeah, just the kind of brand I’m talkin’ about. My Mom knows who Goodyear is. Been around since 1898 (Goodyear, not Mom), makin’ kick-ass tires. And they have a blimp, to boot. How many clients have a blimp? How many clients would even think, ‘Hey, you know what we need? A blimp.’ Ya gotta love the blimp.

I even like saying the word. ‘Blimp.'”


Takeaway: he’s excited, mostly about this blimp no one’s heard of. Good to know creatives still get excited about this stuff, even if it’s just tires. Hopefully that means we’ll see some interesting work. Maybe something about how they’re on the rover, Sully?

Apparently GY sent over a racecar in celebration. Only in Texas do brands go whippin-shitties when they win an account. Hmmm doggie. Also, ruh-roh, po-lice!

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