Ludacris: A One-Man Census Marketing Machine

By Kiran Aditham 

If the Draftfcb and GlobalHue efforts didn’t motivate you to fill out your Census forms, hopefully Ludacris will. The rapper/actor is hitting up various cities as part of his “On the Block 2010 Census Tour”, which has been put together by production company RC-CP. Having already visited Dallas, Luda’s next stop is New Orleans (above), where he visits a local radio station to get the word out, stops people on the streets and goes door-to-door to implore folks to fill out and mail back their Census forms. In this case, he tells residents of Katrina-ravaged areas that “resources from the Census will go toward rebuilding New Orleans.”

Ludacris’s next stops include NYC, DC and his native Atlanta in this engaging series that’s more effective than most of the Census work we’ve seen thus far.


Video via OnSmash

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