LPK Asks Senior Creatives to Provide Advice to Juniors

By Kiran Aditham 

There’s nothing like an agency self-promotion to help alleviate the midday doldrums–and this four-minute clip from Cincinnati-based “design strategy firm” LPK does the trick (its self-deprecating tone also makes it a bit more endearing).

Of course we’ve seen some pretty lame agency self-promos on this blog, but LPK’s offering focuses onsincere thoughts from senior creatives to up-and-coming juniors in the same department. Keywords/phrases include “curiosity” and “work ethic,” along with classics like “be willing to take feedback” and “be open to the team’s point of views.”


With graduation looming, LPK (which has worked with the likes of Maker’s Mark, Gillette and JBL) decided to reach out to budding designers in search of a desirable junior designer candidate.

Overall, it’s a bit more refreshing than the average piece of pat-yourself-on-the-back agency propaganda.