Lowe Campbell Ewald Exposes Truth Behind ‘Nice Guy’ in Domestic Violence PSA

By Erik Oster 

Lowe Campbell Ewald created an emotional domestic violence awareness campaign for Haven, a Michigan non-profit aiding victims of rape and domestic violence.

At the center of the campaign is a simple 30-second spot, directed by Oscar-winner Angus Wall, focusing on a perpetrator of domestic violence. “I’ll be really nice,” a smirking man says, “You’ll tell your friends about me, you’ll think I’m a good guy.” Then his expression suddenly changes as he says “And then you’ll tick me off,” and goes on to describe the abuse he will dish out. “Your kids are next,” he says, “I’ll be real sorry the next day. But I’m going to do it again. And again. And convince you that it’s your fault.” The shot suddenly ends and the tagline “Live without fear” appears onscreen. It’s a harrowing message, delivered with an appropriately stark and approach meant to shake up viewers.


The campaign also includes print and OOH executions, taking a similarly emotional tone. In one bus shelter ad, the headline “I love you” is actually made up of threatening phrases like “You’d never get by without me” and “You made me do this,” an encapsulation of the domestic abusers’ manipulative nature. Print ads feature intertwining lines with mixed messages such as “I’m crazy about you” and “You crazy bitch.”

By focusing on perpetrators, the campaign makes it clear that its them that are solely to blame. “It is the choice and actions of the abuser that causes abuse,” Haven CEO Beth Morrison explains to Adweek. “The victim is never at fault.”


Client: Haven
Agency: Lowe Campbell Ewald
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Simon, Lowe Campbell Ewald
Group Creative Director: David Bierman, Lowe Campbell Ewald
Art Director: Kelly Warkentien, Lowe Campbell Ewald
Copywriter: Nancy Wellinger, Lowe Campbell Ewald
Producers: Mary Ellen Krawczyk, Lowe Campbell Ewald
Account Executives: Joe Gaulzetti, Nicole Reincke, Alyssa DeYonker, Lowe Campbell Ewald
Production Company: Elastic
Director: Angus Wall
Director of Photography: Eric Treml
Executive producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall
Line Producer: Shanah Blevins
Editing House: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: David Brodie
Audio Mix: Lime