Louisville Agency Creates Poem Generator for Valentine’s Day

By Erik Oster 


Yes, lovebirds, Louisville-based agency OOHology has created a poem generator called the GIT-LUV 2000, designed to give you “a little help initiating intimacy this Valentine’s Day.”

Visitors to the GIT-LUV site are asked to pick from a list of descriptions that best fits their love life, such as “Single, full of regret,” “I just bet my fiancee 50 percent of everything I own that love is forever,” and “Promised my new spouse that the third time’s a charm.” Then, GIT-LUV 2000 randomly generates a unique poem, although they are often slight variations of what you’ve already seen, and despite claims that it “actually creates unique poems every time” it wasn’t all that long until a repeat came up. Our tipster described the site as “Slightly creepy, slightly hilarious,” although I’d say it hits on the former with far more frequency. We’ve selected a few of our favorite poems below. GIT-LUV 1