London’s 101 Pulls a Cramer-Krasselt and ‘Resigns’ Kettle Chips

By Patrick Coffee 

Today in Things We Missed, creative agency 101 of London pulled a Cramer-Krasselt/Panera move last week, officially “resigning” from its own contract with Kettle Chips.

The reason? Creative stagnation. Fallon London co-founder Laurence Green, who also helped launch 101 in 2011,told Campaign:

“When creative ambition dies, good agencies walk away. So we have.”


101 scored the business without a review shortly after opening its own doors, with parent company Kettle Foods retaining the shop to handle “communications strategy and positioning for the brand in the U.K.” and create its first-ever TV campaigns.

This disagreement allegedly stemmed from the client’s desire to focus on its products’ health properties, which makes about as much sense as McDonald’s selling a kale salad which, as we learned last week, is actually worse for your cardiovascular health than a Big Mac.

Here are some examples of the agency’s work for Kettle, which sought to portray its chips as artisanal food products rather than deep-fried potato slivers.

FTR, we were very confused by that top chap’s American flag hat.