Lollapalooza Teaser Knocks It Out of Grant Park

By Kaitlin Madden 

After weeks of stringing eager fans along, Lollapalooza officially announced its lineup for this summer’s music festival today-and got quite a bit of social media controversy in return. Dozens of fans posted on Lolla’s Facebook page about the terrible lineup, and how Lady Gaga, the event’s headliner, has no place in Grant Park.

The festival’s marketing agency, C3 Presents, however, is not worried about its Facebook nay-sayers, and has no plans to respond to their complaints. C3 is just happy Lolla’s Facebook fans are talking.


“Some people think the lineup is awesome, some people don’t-it’s subjective and it happens every year,” says Lisa Hickey, the marketing director from C3 in charge of Lollapalooza.

Hickey says she is more concerned with the success Lollapalooza has seen on Facebook, and provided AgencySpy with the following stats:

Last week the Lollapalooza Facebook fan-page:

  • Added over 2,000 new fans.
  • Had 32,650 visits, up from 7,400 the week before
  • Had 1,700 fan “interactions,” compared to 191 the previous week

    Hickey says the success of the Facebook page in recent weeks can be attributed to the “Wheel of Fortune”-like teaser game that Lollapalooza had on both its website and on its Facebook page. The game revealed a letter of the lineup each day-resulting in much speculation and anticipation from participating fans.

    According to Hickey, C3 will continue the social media push up until the week of the concert, using both its own social media channels, as well as those of participating bands, to create an interactive Lollapalooza experience.

    She also says that the festival has already locked in many of its large sponsors, but that they are still entertaining possible partnerships.

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