Lola Madrid Unites Star-Crossed Pair Through Love of Scrabble, Anagrams

By Kiran Aditham 

Madrid-based agency Lola brings together a duo leading divergent lives with the help of some clever wordplay in the form of anagrams. Of course, the underlying theme in the whole campaign is the promotion of Mattel’s classic boardgame Scrabble, where knowledge of the lexicon is certainly key. But here, Lola takes a more fanciful, Wes Anderson-like route while keeping the branding to a minimum by connecting two quirky people–Agostina and Santiago–one who’s “forever alone” and another who’s sulking on “a veneer floor,” one who’s a “cab driver,” the other a “crab diver”…you get the drift. In the end, with their mutual love of costuming and all, it’s pure geeky kismet.

Speaking to Adweek, Lola executive creative director Pancho Cassis explains the campaign concept, saying,


“The idea of using anagrams was a way to salute the intelligence of avid Scrabble players, but by using a love story, the spot became universal. This communication was aimed at opening up to a broader audience, specifically younger players and non-players who spend a lot of time online but are seeking out offline experiences.”

The English language ad, which seemingly aims to steer so-called “word nerds” towards the beauty of the offline world, will also run in French, Italian, Spanish and German throughout Europe this summer.


Client: Scrabble
Agency: Lola Madrid
Director: Rodrigo Saavedra