Logan & Sons Taps Jane Fonda for Creepy Prada Spot

By Erik Oster 

Bi-coastal creative studio/prodco Logan & Sons somehow enticed Jane Fonda to voice a new spot for Prada called “The Future of Flesh” and the results are really creepy. I guess that’s to be expected when the word “flesh” is right there in the title.

Whether or not intentional, the Luke Gilford-directed spot leaves me feeling a little uneasy. According to a release, the spot is “set in a strange futuristic world where humans evolve to fit the style of the season.” Without that bit of clarification, I have to wonder how anyone would figure out what the hell is going on. The answer: they probably don’t. Actually, even with that info it’s still kind of hard to piece together. Gilford, offers this further explanation (not that it helps all that much), saying, “Compare magazine covers over the decades, you’ll see how much hair and physique change with the clothes. Now as body modification accelerates, facial features and bone structure are changing as well. The body is beginning to merge with fashion in very interesting ways…I find this sexy as well as strange – a science fiction fantasy becoming a reality.”


The spot takes place in some kind of futuristic society, one seemingly set apart from the rest of the world. Jane Fonda’s voice really ads to the creepiness factor as she describes the process of joining this closed-off society (or something like that) and says nonsensical things like “each tear authenticated.” Throughout the spot there are close ups of people’s creepy-looking flesh, which seems to morph throughout the spot. Again, this is weird stuff. The wardrobe, provided entirely by Prada, does look pretty fetching, however. I’m certainly no fashion expert, but my girlfriend (who knows a thing or two about fashion) confirmed that the clothes in the spot do look quite appealing. So maybe in a fashion ad, that’s all that matters. Or maybe Logan & Sons and Prada want to scare you, you know, since it’s October.