Linda McMahon Ties Professional Wrestling to U.S. Senate

By Bob Marshall 

‘Tis this season for midterm elections, and the closer we get to the elections, God blesses us with better and better campaign ads. Whether it be a guy with no qualifications whatsoever like South Carolina Democrat Alvin Green or the anti-Obama sentiment, everything is truly ridiculous.

Then there’s Connecticut, a state many people consider to be the most educated in country. And then there’s Republican Linda McMahon, the spouse and business partner of World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Vince McMahon, and her challenge of convincing a historically “blue state” that they need someone who “tamed the traveling show world of profession wrestling” in office.


With a tag like “Ohhh yeahhh” as your campaign slogan, it’s hard to lose. And, those wealthy, articulate women of Connecticut need someone they can relate to representing their state as they drive their SUVs around in the middle of the day while discussing politics. It may as well be a woman with her own theme music.

via Gawker

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