Lil’ Wayne Demonstrates the Resilience of the Samsung Galaxy in New W+K Ads

By Patrick Coffee 

Seems Wesley Snipes has been busy since getting out of prison in 2013 after serving more than two years for tax evasion. In addition to praising Kanye on Twitter and celebrating the 25th anniversary of New Jack City, he’s also making ads for Samsung!

In the newest phase of Wieden + Kennedy Portland’s ongoing campaign promoting the Galaxy 7, Snipes hangs out with Lil’ Wayne as the two share in the wonders of virtual reality. (Like most VR-related campaigns, this one doesn’t quite re-create the experience. To W+K’s credit, it doesn’t even bother trying.)

First, Lil’ Wayne gets to the question we’ve all been dying to answer: can a Samsung Galaxy survive a shitload of champagne?!

We would complain about Wayne and his boys wasting all that alcohol, but this was clearly not Cristal or Korbel. It was probably seltzer.


Next, Wayne goes back and forth between VR and actual reality. Turns out Wesley Snipes plays a significant role in both worlds and knows exactly how to wear a fucking hat.

Very cool indeed. Finally, the two buddies–who strangely address each other by their full names–dive into the digital magic together.

We still don’t get the whole VR thing, honestly. People keep telling us it’s going to blow up…so maybe next year.

How’s it playing in Austin right now?

CLIENT Samsung
FORMAT Broadcast
CLIENT CONTACT Jesse Coulter/Kristin Harrer/JT Field/Ellie Yi
LAUNCH DATE 3/11/2016

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