Life After AARP

By SpyWriter 

I always say that 30 is only the new 20, if you’re 30. And it looks like some executives at some of the top agencies agree. After reading my blog about where the industry is headed, a tipster mentioned this article in Adage to us. It speaks to the changing of the face of executives at ad agencies. More particularly to younger faces.

Adage very plainly put it, that “this new class of leaders has a diverse skill set — which is attractive to potential clients as media becomes bigger and broader”.


That makes a lot of sense in this rapidly growing digital age, where the way we advertise is so expansive.

However, many of the top execs leaving their positions don’t appear to heading to their country homes to plant in their gardens. They are becoming active for other causes or organizations that they have a passion for. Some are even scaling back their leadership roles, but remaining an integral part of the organizations that they helped build.

One exec dubbed it the “reforestation” of these agencies. Whatever it’s called, it certainly signifies a new era in advertising.