LG15 & Other Web Stars ‘Hooking Up’ with HBOlab

By Matt Van Hoven 

Remember when Jenna Jameson made it big by getting on E! True Hollywood Story? That’s how we equate web stars making the transition to mainstream media. In the end, they can’t act, and all you can think about is what they look like naked. Er, at least, they can’s act. No one wants to see the “Chocolate Rain” guy in the buff.

The above video is a promo for the upcoming HBOlab series, “Hooking Up,” which stars a bunch of Web stars, including Lonely Girl 15’s Jessica Rose (who also did a stint on ABC Family’s “Greek”), videobloggers Phil DeFranco (sxephil), and Kevin Wu (kevjumba).
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Buckley, Kevin Nalts, Charles Trippy and “Mr. Safety” Cory Williams will be making guest appearances on the online show,