LG Sponsoring London New Year’s Fireworks Display

By Matt Van Hoven 

Electronics maker LG is sponsoring London’s fireworks display this year, helping the city ring in the new year by whoring up the deomonstration with LG’s brand colors, red and white.

The electronics maker told the Wall Street Journal that they hope to attach their brand to the optimistic feeling that’s associated with the new year. Good luck avoiding the hangover.

LG will be handing out hats and other paraphernalia before the display begins, and wants people to associate the logo colors with the fireworks colors. Per the article, there won’t be any exploding LG logo madness &#151 just the colors.

Too bad this idea sucks. Look, we’re all about getting the name out there, and we understand why LG and London thought this was a good idea &#151 yay, we need money and you have money so let’s team up…it’ll totally work. Wrongo, dudes. New Year’s is about restarting &#151 and intermingling a brand with that idea is naive, at best. An LG rep told WSJ they don’t want to be crass or crude, but they left that thought behind by going ahead with this plan.

This holiday of holidays is meant to renew the spirit, and even though the spirit is helped along by champagne and other imbibements (made-up word), it doesn’t need some whorey city to slut itself out. Just this once, can’t we just keep our money grubbing hands in our pockets?


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