Level, Rosetta Join Forces

By Michael Musco 

Indie digital and direct interactive agency Rosetta announced the acquisition of Cali-based shop Level Studios.

The goal of this merger was to increase integrated marketing strategies and programs across all interactive touch points. Plus, the access to utilize Level’s three California locations didn’t hurt matters.


Level’s president and CEO Tom Adamski says in a statement, “Rosetta and LEVEL share a commitment to the balance between innovation and value. Our highly complementary strengths will allow us to drive immediate and transformative impact for our clients. Rosetta and LEVEL are a formidable force in the interactive world–independent, client-focused, marketing and technologically savvy–with proven vertical expertise in the healthcare, retail, financial services, B2B, consumer electronics, automotive, gaming and entertainment markets. We are excited to be joining forces with Rosetta.”

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this was a beneficial move. If a video of Rosetta CEO Chris Kuenne and LEVEL CEO Tom Adamski discussing the acquisition seems thrilling, you can go here to watch and get more info.

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