Let’s Keep it RealD

By Michael Musco 

3D has come a long way since the red and blue(actually cyan) glasses we are all so familiar with. Now it’s all about RealD. Founded in 2003 by Michael V.Lewis and Jashua Greer, RealD is paving the way and broadening the spectrum of our visual taste buds. Looks like the red and blue is sooo yesterday and the new Buddy Holly look is in.

I don’t think I need to go on about the RealD movie experience. It’s pretty cool in my opinion. It gives a movie a broader depth of field which looks quite beautiful when used correctly. It seems like almost every movie coming out lately is available in RealD. I feel it’s being exploited a little too much just to boost ticket sales. $11 a movie is enough and $15 to view in RealD is a tad painful on your wallet especially if you have 10 nieces and nephews all dying to go see Shrek in 3D.


Aside from cinema, I ponder where the RealD experience will take us next specifically in the Advertising world. It wasn’t until I recently had a movie night with my wife(so romantic)that I saw the possibilities. To make a long story short it’s movie time. Please silence your cell phones,stop texting, put your 3D glasses on and everyone shut up. The first thing to come on is a spot for Sony. Yippy. I don’t even remember the spot. I just remember at the end the Sony logo popping out in your face. I notice something very interesting. The entire audience has theirs hands out attempting to grasp the logo. The Sony logo. Something we’ve all seen a million times over yet the entire audience is intrigued. Something so common just seen in a contemporary way. That’s good advertising. What’s next? People walking through Times Square with 3D glasses on? Prescription eyeglasses with RealD enhancements? RealD magazines? I wonder.

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