Let’s Go Around the World with a MINI Campaign

By Bob Marshall 

From BSUR Amsterdam come two colorful new global campaigns for MINI.

The first of which, titled “Another Day. Another Adventure,” comprises three different TV spots where MINI drivers go on journeys with their all over the world with their compact cars putting them in (and out) of harm’s way. The first spot, “Hitchhiker,” is the longest and maybe the weakest of the three, with an Icelandic MINI driver thinking he may have picked up a convict on the run by accident. Really, it shouldn’t take an 1:42 run time through the desolate highways of Iceland for a mistaken identity gag we’ve probably all seen before.


The second spot, “Love is in the Air,” is the strangest and most surreal of the three, finding a couple in a MINI attached to a parachute drop down in Hong Kong while being pursued by a motorcyclist who also seems to be traveling through the sky. The final spot (above) called “Sunday in Rio” is the most lavish and fast-paced of the three, so colorful and fun that it stands out above the rest. And, it’s the one we’ll hopefully be seeing aired more than the others once the campaign hits the airwaves.

The second campaign is an integrated social effort and collaboration with VICE magazine called “All the Wrong Places.” As VICE documentary filmmakers embark on five “unwise” journeys throughout the world, interested adventurers can log on MINI’s Facebook page to request a position as “co-pilots” on these trips, riding shotgun in films that will appear once every three weeks on Facebook starting in November.

What say you, dear reader? Are people going to buy into this sense of daring and adventure that MINI’s selling harder than it did during those product placements in the Bourne Identity films at the beginning of last decade? Watch the trailer for the social media campaign after the jump.