Let’s Celebrate National Hot Dog Day with Schweigert Meats

By Jordan Teicher 

Minnesota Twins fans don’t have much to cheer about these days. Their team is in 4th place in the AL Central, and they have a new outdoor stadium, which is problematic when you remember that playing baseball outdoors in Minnesota may not be fun in April or September. But, there is temporary relief. Today is National Hot Dog Day – I didn’t know, either – and Schweigert Meats, which produces the official hot dog of the Twins, has used the special occasion to release a couple of short video spots that show how the brand’s meat is “overly uncomplicated.” The brand is opting for a tongue-in-cheek tone with the videos and slogan as the campaign expands over the next few months with digital, print, and TV ads in the extended Minnesota region.

The campaign comes from Austin-based Proof Advertising and seems to appeal to a certain Northern blue-collar rural population that may find humor in the soft irony of things that are overly uncomplicated. But when it comes to Minnesota Twins advertising, Proof and Schweigert will have to step up their collective game to surpass the ability of the dandruffless Joe Mauer. Credits after the jump.


Creative Director: Craig Mikes
Agency Producer: Vicki Russell
ACD: George Ellis
Art Director: Drew Hammond
Writer: Randall Kenworthy

Director: Jason Marlow
DP: Tod Campbell
Editor: Jon Saltzman, Beast Austin
Colorist: Joe Malina
Finishing: Jim Reed, Beast Austin
Audio Engineer: Marty Lester, Everywhere Audio