Let Us Now Raise a Glass to Another Round of ‘Beervertising’

By Bob Marshall 

Every year, Denver’s Breckenridge Brewery releases “Beervertising,” a campaign that rips on the over-the-top silliness of beer advertising in general. Last year, Breckenridge dumped on Dos Equis and Corona in their trademark low-budget spots. With the faux-introduction of two new brews, Breckenridge and Denver agency Cultivator take on the “Ultra” and “Lime” beer types, as well as the concept of how craft brewers are depicted in marketing.

“Ultra” is an obvious shot at uber-light beers (Michelob Ultra most obviously), because really, if you’re looking for a low-calorie alcoholic beverage, why are you even drinking beer? No, really, why are you drinking beer? Stop it, you. Just stop it.

The campaign rounds out with “Lime-Flavored Beer,” a shot at Bud Light Lime and Miller Chill, if you even remember the latter. And, for those wondering how low-budget these ads cost, they were apparently all shot in a day for a $10K budget. When you consider that the spot has the same person doing all the creative directing, copywriting, art direction and video direction, this seems actually plausible. Credits after the jump.

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