Let Us Now Ask Our Advertising Forefathers for Inspirational One-Liners

By Bob Marshall 

During any given day working at an advertising agency, it’s only natural to ask oneself a variety of questions while staring blankly at your computer screen. “Why is today dragging along so slowly? What about the art on this ad seems off? Why am I crying so much?”

Of course, you’ll find that the responses you give yourself are usually steeped in equal parts denial and self-loathing. Not the most helpful advice, is it? But, what if you could ask advertising legends like Leo “Slow-Burn” Burnett, Bill “Don’t Call Me William” Bernbach, and David “Oh SNAP!” Ogilvy these existential questions and receive help suggestions from beyond the grave? Well, sorrowful Sally, now you can with “Looking for Advice.”


Created by Tribal DDB Colombia, “Looking for Advice” find Burnett, Bernbach, and Ogilvy sitting next to one another at an extra-large desk–perfect for playing a quick round of Yahtzee or taking part in a ferocious game of footsie. You can approach the desk with questions like, “Why does my client still think QR codes are totally going to happen?” click on Ogilvy’s eyeball and have him respond with something like “Leaders grasp nettles,” which you don’t quite understand as you were born after 1980 but you’ll take it because why the hell not and it helps keep the voices at bay for a little while longer.

If you click on the “Random” button, you’ll get bonus non-sequiturs from the likes of Raymond “Ray-Ray” Rubicam, Bruce “The Caboose” Barton, J. Walter “J. Walter Thompson” Thompson, and Rosser “I ‘ardly know ‘er” Reeves. Start asking questions here, and view credits after the jump.

Executive Creative Officer: Rodrigo Bolívar
Copywriter: Alexander Pineda
Engineering: Nicolás Saldarriaga
Web Design: Mauricio Zambrano, Andrés Zorro
Social Media: Rodolfo Velásquez