Leo Burnett’s Got A New Look

By SuperSpy 

Considering that they just lost PetSmart to Bernstein-Rein, I thought I’d see what Burnett is up to. Turns out, they have a new annoying website. If you recall, the old site had a pencil, just like this new one. And, also just like this new one, it’s still a clunky way to navigate. It’s got a bunch of “interactive” bits to it like an eight ball that rolls around, some weirdly placed apples… I don’t know. There’s all this spinning about and loading videos…

But, didn’t Leo Burnett once say: “To swear off making mistakes is very easy. All you have to do is swear off having ideas?” Nonetheless, my suggestion is you just use the nav bar at the bottom of the page. Skip the fancy navigational system unless you’re prepared to take dimenhydrinate.

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