Leo Burnett, Nintendo Unwind the Future

By Michael Musco 

Leo Burnett Chicago, production company Rabbit along and directing duo TWiN propel adventurous gamers into action in the new 30-second spot entitled “London,” for Nintendo’s Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

The spot is shot in the style of a silent movie and features the game’s namesake, known by the citizens as a “World premiere puzzle-solver,” who “is in search of all savvy ladies and keen gents to save the fair city.”


Gamers are challenged to take on, among other tasks, helping to get the proper order of a sandwich and figuring out how to fix the complicated inner mechanics of a large clock. Nintendo DS is famous for its puzzle games and this one, which features 165+ brainteasers, looks pretty enjoyable. Elements in the spot are nicely done including the Victorian visage, but is Layton enticing enough for a 10-year-old? We’re not sure.

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