Leo Burnett London, OMD U.K. Tout Quality of McDonald’s Ingredients

By Erik Oster 

Leo Burnett London and OMD U.K. launched two new spots for McDonald’s extolling the virtues of the the fast food chain’s ingredients, as part of its “Good to Know” campaign.

The ads take a conversational tone, picking apart commonly-held misconceptions about McDonald’s ingredients before correcting them. In “Fries” for example, a narrator introduces Steve, who “ponders on the important things in life: like what McDonald’s fries are made of.” His co-worker claims they’re note even made from potatoes, while his girlfriend chimes in “Everyone knows you can’t eat them if you’re vegetarian” and Janette at the local market thinks they’re grown “artificially in a secret factory somewhere.” Terry, who farms potatoes for McDonald’s, knows the fries are made from “real, whole British spuds.” The spot concludes by telling viewers to “take it from Terry” when it comes to the origin of the chain’s fries. “Chicken” applies a similar approach to the sourcing of McDonald’s chicken nuggets, which it claims are made from 100 percent breast meat.

The two efforts follow “The Cow” from earlier this year, which similarly addressed the sourcing of the chain’s meat. In addition to the two broadcast spots, the campaign also includes print, digital, social media and cinema efforts.