Leo Burnett Employee Will Become A Slave To Twitter For a Trip to Cannes

By Bob Marshall 

The internet: Making slavery easier and more fun since sometime in the mid-90s.

It has been bouncing around the blogosphere for the last week, but hell, it’s finally gaining the attention of CNN, Village Voice and other major properties. In case you haven’t heard, David Perez, the creative recruiter at Chicago-based agency Leo Burnett, will be under the internet’s complete control starting June 21st and ending June 28th. If you would happen to go to his Twitter account – @davidondemand – you can tell him what to do, and he will do it (unless it’s illegal).


“Oh fun,” you think to yourself. “This dude looks like Kevin Smith. With the power of imagination, Kevin Smith could be my slave for a week. But, how will I know my commands are being followed?”

Well, Perez will be armed with a first-person camera on his head which will broadcast his exploits in real time according to Jason Zada at Tool of North America, who’s “helping make this all happen and be interesting.” The video will stream at DavidOnDemand.com

With an unknown path before him, Perez tells CNN, “I will have to do a lot of crazy things, and I’m terrified about some of them.” You should be Perez, what with you having to adopt 17 kittens from the local Humane Society. That is, if you do what I tell you to do.

Because of this ridiculousness, Perez will be awarded a trip to this year’s Cannes Lion’s International Advertising Festival, where undoubtedly many will ask him, “Are you the David on Demand guy?” when they seem him walking around with his webcam glasses.

“No,” he’ll answer. “You’re thinking of Kevin Smith.”

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