Leo Burnett Dreams of Equality in New Esurance Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

After casting the completely fictional characters Walter White and Lindsay Lohan in its Super Bowl ad, Esurance brings things a little closer to reality via the thoughts of young children in its latest campaign by Leo Burnett Chicago.

“#EqualDreams” is the company’s way of saying that, no matter what the United States Supreme Court decides, Esurance will cover everyone who can afford it. From the press release, in case you didn’t get the point:

“In every state where Esurance can give couples a married rate, it extends that married rate to either married gay couples, domestic partners or those in civil unions—even in states that do not allow same-sex marriages.”


The ad (directed by Tom Dey of Native Content, edited by Cutters Chicago) works by interviewing the very young attendees of a recent Windy City wedding. Key insights include:

“When I kiss the bride, it’s gonna both be exciting and disgusting.”

“And if my husband doesn’t like the cake then he will buy his own cake.”

The release tells us that, since 2011, Esurance has offered discount married rates to its LGBT customers even if the states in which they live do not legally recognize such unions.

Leo Burnett EVP Brian Shembeda says:

“Sometimes children can make complex issues so simple. Their words, as heard in the video, help us understand why equality is important. Because all children deserve the same right to pursue their dreams.”

For once, general cynicism about advertising practices proves unwarranted: the perfect cast in this short film came about at least in part because the bride is director of production and planning for the Chicago Humanities Festival.