Leo Burnett Dares LeBron to Step in MJ’s Shoes

By Kiran Aditham 

Its King James’ world and we just live in it at the moment, but while teams like the Knicks and the Nets are basically one step away from washing LeBron James’ feet, the sports fans within Leo Burnett offered a different kind of pitch to the #1 free agent.

Rather than kiss LeBron’s ass, Leo instead dared him to fill the shoes of and even outdo the original #23, Michael Jordan. In what was basically a four-day marketing assault, Leo Burnett placed ads in Akron’s local paper, sent black, white and red Air Jordans to LeBron’s house with a message in tow and even drew a mock-up of a Chicago Tribune issue ten years from that includes the headline, “Sweet Throne, Chicago: With Title No. 7, It’s Officially King James’ Court.”

Will this work? We’ll hopefully know soon (please end the free agency hoopla already LeBron, I beg you) but the bigger question is wherever he goes, will all this insane hype be worth it even if he doesn’t get his first ring next season?

via Chicago Tribune

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