Lemonade: People Were Totally Crying

By Matt Van Hoven 

Last Friday I went to the Times Square Arts Center for the New York screening of Lemonade, Erik Proulx’s (pronounced “Proo’s”) documentary on what happened to a bunch of people who were laid off from their advertising jobs. More importantly, it’s about what happened next.

With his Grizzly-Adams-like beard, Proulx hopped up on the small stage in the immensely crowded theater for a minute before the show started, to thank us for attending. I think he was nervous, mostly because I could see beads of sweat from my seat 30 feet away. He didn’t need to be &#151 the 36-minute film was, simply put, inspiring.

It’s not enough just to tell a story, as you well know. And since we can’t hope to adequately sum up what we saw, we’ll leave you with one enduring quote from one of the film’s cast-members: Update “Don’t be the person out there looking for a job. Be the person out there doing something interesting.” &#151 Lisa Hickey


Full disclosure: we bought a copy of the DVD. It was $10.

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