Leica, “Oh Snap!”

By Matt Van Hoven 

Anybody else use an old Leica in photography 101? The same Mill Farm friend forwarded me this link, and wow, holy original Batman.

From Gizmodo: “In one of the cleverer advertisements we’ve seen of late, Leica is proposing that you ‘see it in more detail’ with their D-Lux 3 by placing a pixelated dog in various real world scenes. It’s a strangely effective technique, but we can’t believe that someone would be so cruel to do that to a dog. Shame on you, Leica. Bad! Bad!”


Basically, they built a dog that looks pixelated by gluing Lego-like blocks together in the shape of aforementioned dog. Pretty sweet, eh? That’s how we do in Minnesota.

More pics after the jump. Work by ad firm Philipp und Keuntje.