Legacy, Arnold Bring Back Six-Year-Old Idea to Speak ‘Truth’

By Michael Musco 

Remember “Shards O’ Glass,” the Super Bowl 2004 spot featuring a fictitious company that manufactures freeze pops with glass shards in them?

Well, Legacy Foundation is resurrecting the metaphorical campaign for a new truth initiative developed with Arnold. Why did they bring “Shards” back? According to a statement from Legacy CEO/president Cheryl G. Healton, “We live in an era when corporate malfeasance and scandals–from Wall Street’s financial crisis to the BP Gulf oil spill–are daily news. In light of that, we decided to bring this industry-focused ad back in the public eye, and use the latest online tools to advance the Shards O’ Glass campaign from its original limited scope in 2004, to a broader initiative.”


The “online tools” Healton speaks include a separate website, which mimics a standard corporate website and includes features on the fictitious company’s products, the health concerns of using glass freeze pops, a section on “Responsible Marketing” and even a message from CEO R.L. Vanderlin.

To complement the digital components, which rolled out earlier this summer, the parties behind this new campaign have launched two new ads, the first of which, “Recall,” (above) debuted this week. It’s a wee bit much considering that a tobacco company would never recall their product. Make a few changes maybe but actually take cigarettes off the shelves? There’s more than enough to work with here. I know Legacy and Arnold are dying for everyone to see the irony of it all but just let it go.

The second spot, “Spheres,” rolls out in September and you can check it out after the jump.