LeBron Tells ‘The Truth’ About His Kia in Latest From David&Goliath

By Erik Oster 

When LeBron James started appearing in David&Goliath’s ads for Kia, there were plenty of skeptics who refused to believe the NBA star actually drove one (our own readers included). David&Goliath play off that skepticism in “The Truth,” a new campaign which sees James calling out the doubters.

According to social media analytics firm Networked Insights, 30 percent of the approximately 30,000 tweets over the past year mentioning both James and Kia expressed doubt that the relationship between the two was genuine. So David&Goliath and Kia took a self-aware approach, addressing the issue directly. “We want to show people he actually does drive the car,” Michael Sprague, chief operating officer at Kia Motors America, told The Wall Street Journal

The spot, entitled “Ten Mil,” opens with James reading an, apparently real, tweet reading, “I’ll bet anyone $10000000 that LeBron doesn’t roll up to games in a Kia.” With a nod to his lawyers, James states, “Since you placed your bet on the Internet, I am pretty sure that is legally binding,” adding that he does indeed drive around in a Kia, occasionally en route to playing some professional basketball. So James heads out in his K900, trailed by an armored car, to collect on the bet. It’s a straightforward yet clever way to address the many doubters, making both LeBron and the brand look more authentic in the process. “Ten Mil,” which made its broadcast debut yesterday is the first of three ads which will feature James addressing real tweets, to be followed by “1,000%” and “Spaceship.”

“LeBron is all about being authentic,” Sprague added. “We are confident we can take the playful approach and prove this is an authentic partnership.”


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