‘Leaked’ Microsoft Ad Parodies Google, Says Chrome Spies on You, Sells Your Info

By Bob Marshall 

Arguably the best part of the ongoing tech wars is just how catty all of these Silicon Valley giants are when it comes to their competitors. While a Microsoft spokesperson allegedly told Mashable that the above spot was “not meant for public consumption,” it’s an obvious continuation of the brand’s “Don’t Get Scroogled” campaign, which started running late last year. Perhaps all they needed to add before it went live was a Microsoft logo. Oh, and if you’ll notice after the jump, it’s a direct parody of Chrome’s “Now Everywhere” spot from early March.

This spot in particular takes on Google’s very popular browser Chrome, which, according to Microsoft is totally evil and will ruin your 2 p.m. poop breaks (EGADS!). Chrome’s data tracking is screwing you hard, says Microsoft, selling you to advertisers who want to rob you because that’s how monetization works or something. Of course, as every person on the Internet has already pointed out, Microsoft has historically been just as guilty of monetizing users as Google . The problem now is that Google is monetizing MORE people because Chrome is way to popular than whatever iteration of Internet Explorer they’re on now.

Also, are people really that worried about their information being sold to advertisers? If so, one would think that this whole Internet thing wouldn’t be nearly as popular. While Microsoft is still calling this a “leak,” they’re certainly not denying they were responsible for any of its claims. We’ll see if that changes any time soon.